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Sector Electronics

Inverse Sector Electronics Electronic Product Picture Background: Electronic, product design and service engineers with 20 plus years experience with leading companies in the aerospace and medical industries.

Purpose: Design, develop, manufacture and service “Proof of Concept”, prototypes and new products. Redesign costly or obsolete products. Provide engineering support services to our customers regarding cost, quality, testing and evaluation.

Scope of Services: A full service engineering company with experience from product conception through to manufacturing.

Project Examples: Imaging systems for brain surgery, Implantable MEMS sensor RF reader for cardiology, Fluidized bed for burn and wound victims, Breathing measurement device for sleep apnea, Test stations for Lithotripter and Control Boards, Automated remote monitoring systems, Patented MEMS sensor technology, Redesign Laser power supplies, Repair and recalibrate MRI systems, Design and repair MRI coils, Test programs for telecommunication and wireless industries, Engineering verification and validation for MRI, CT and PET technologies, Circuit Board manufacture for medical, security, pharmaceutical, service and repair organizations.

Quality System: The Company has an established GMP quality control system and has successfully obtained FDA 510 (k) clearances.

Memberships: Lab View Alliance - Microchip Design Partner - American Electronics Association – Georgia Bio – SEMDA – Local and International Chambers of Commerce

Call Us: If you have a new electronic product idea, need engineering support, want to reduce costs or failures, improve performance, or require PCB or system manufacturing.


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Sector Electronics - Electronic Product Design
Sector Electronics - Electronic Product Design
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Sector Electronics - Electronic Product Design